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    Taproot Men2b текст песни


    Sometimes I just sit back and wonder what was meant to be learned from that event that occured everything happens for a reason right I left behind just another tragic lesson in life an organic r

    Drenaline flight high above the traumatised situation of life…it’s ironicconsiderate rarity patron of lovehigher knowledge engulfs me ’causethe blast of fate a lessonto my eyes concern

    D overwhelmed theirs were of fear yet I’m feelin’ so empty inside and yet it burns so akward this..time…..tears a waterfall of acid cries from hiseyesI need to recognizeit’s meant to be.

    S alive and his cries just begin arisin’ suprisin’ as well…this little boy proud of helpin’ those in need but he’s not me but just maybe he could beI can see it now becauseI’m a hero in hi

    S temporarily blind this immature kid a spirit as well an angelhiding by helping and wanting to understand..me…it’s somethin’ w/ my prideliesI cannot hide my true sideand maybe in dist

    I can still come out laughing

    That’s the way I am…am I hard to recognize? what do I need to realize? why can’t I see w/ my own eyes? what do I need to see?

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