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    Don Henley Miss Ghost текст песни

    Miss Ghost

    (Don Henley/Stan Lynch/Jai Winding)

    On a misbegotten, moonless night
    I stumbled in my door
    Disgusted with my circumstance
    Soaked to every pore
    When floating from my bedroom
    Came a moaning and a sigh
    “Oh, I’ve had one too many
    It’s just the wind,” says I

    I lit up a cigarette
    And I poured a good, stiff drink
    You see, I needed to compose myself
    I needed time to think
    No sooner had I settled down
    The moaning came again
    Drifting through the silence
    Like some otherworldly violin

    I bounded up the staircase
    I went slippin’ and slidin’ down the hall
    You know, I’ve been around the whole, wide world
    But I was not prepared at all
    Uninvited visitor, unsuspecting host
    “Well, I see you’ve made yourself at home.
    Good evening, Miss Ghost.”

    You’re more beautiful than ever
    I feel just like a kid
    And I commence to trembling
    When I think of all the things we did
    Skin as pale as marble; lips as red as blood
    Imagine my surprise, my dear
    I thought that you were gone for good

    You look so lovely lying there
    All stretched out on your back
    But I’m the one who’s strung up here
    On old temptation’s rusty rack
    And in the wee small hours
    Is when I miss you the most
    And I confess it, I have missed you
    Miss Ghost

    I threw open the window
    And I howled at the rain
    And I cursed the weakness of the flesh
    This breath and bone—and this brute, reptilian brain

    What dirty tricks the mind can play
    In the lonely dead of night
    When you bump into the shadow
    Of a faded love that wasn’t right

    Way down beneath the surface
    Far beyond the light of day
    So many things lie buried deep
    And baby, they should stay that way

    Oh, my wicked, little habit
    We’ve really made a mess
    Everything’s been trivialized
    In our vain pursuit of happiness

    And even though you’ve come for me
    I won’t go back with you
    To some temporary heaven
    Down some empty, dead-end avenue
    But it’s been so good to have you here
    And I propose a toast
    “Here’s to seeing through you—
    Miss Ghost.”

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