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    Talking Heads »

    Talking Heads Moon Rocks текст песни

    Moon Rocks

    Flying saucers, levitation
    Yo! I could do that
    Get ready, for heavy duty
    Go one, give it a chance
    I saw your hair start to curl
    So get up, write it down
    You better wait for a while

    So take your hands out of your pockets
    And get your face adjusted
    I heard it, somebody lied
    And I’m staring out the window
    Gonna let this thing continue
    In it’s natural time
    Roundheads squareheads
    Get settled in
    You can hear my belly rumble
    There’s a voice that starts to mumble
    Woo! It’s starting to sing

    Protons, neutrons
    I ate a rock from the moon
    Got shicked once; shocked twice
    Let’s see, what it can do
    Man in the moon, moon in the man
    I got a rock in my throat
    Upside, up side down
    My tummy start to talk . . . (what it say?)

    Gonna rock it ’till I shock it
    Gonna kick it ’till I drop it
    Woo! Love at first sight
    You can kick it, You can poke it
    Ooh, I think you broke it
    What about that!
    Skin from a snake, blood from a stone
    You know, that ain’t no lie
    I got hundreds of expressions
    Try to make a good impression
    Woo! Right between the eyes

    I don’t mind — let me go
    Sounds inside — I don’t know
    Let me be — why not stay
    I feel numb — let me play

    I got wild imagination
    Talkin’ transubstantiation
    Any version will do
    I got mass communication
    I’m the human corporation
    I ate a rock from the moon
    Moon in the rock, rock in the moon
    There’s a moon in my throat
    You might think I’m wasting time
    You might laugh but not for long
    Hey! I’m working it out . . . (work it out)

    I don’t mind — let me go
    Sounds inside — I don’t know
    Let me be — why not stay
    I feel numb — let me play

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