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    Run Dmc Naughty текст песни


    And I say.. the brother’s about to get naughty!
    Rockin you on down.. to the last.. STOP!

    See them on the corner, scheamin a scam
    Makin plans beat the man that’ll put him in ?amb’s?
    Cut for the loot to group, hit a troop or bank
    No thanks to the brothers in blue
    Freeze stay at ease, nigga get to your knees
    Seen cash in the back, about a hundred G’s
    Step to the next, got a scam with checks
    Cold stole a bankroll from plenty of ?? then
    up to The Ave., a cab to the lab
    to make a stop to drop off the money in the bag
    and then send a friend that’s been down
    to do a job to rob a brother in town
    Livin and givin a damn, two different things
    The brother dig diamond rings
    It’s not about makin the money, but the money is taken
    Shake em down, flip em out, then break em
    He’ll break a leg, to get the money
    A diggy diggy don’t forget he’ll break a law, seen
    Ain’t a damn thing funny bout a nigga named Sonny
    but the brother’s about to get naughty

    The brother’s about to get naughty! [4X]

    Starin and tearin in my direction
    Selection is vexin, I brought protection
    Suspicious, frisk us, ? has to diss us
    Scoldin and holdin me ‘gainst my wishes
    Searchin my ride, my body, my soul
    Tryin to find some kind of substance control
    Maybe someone is carryin a gun
    No, nothing, no one has none
    Gloomy and sorry when I come clean
    Yo officer, what does this mean?
    My system is loud and I draw a crowd
    Not only King, I’m black and I’m proud
    This ride is mine, do you mind if I own
    So stop tryin to rob mines and leave me alone
    The officer said I saw you before
    comin out the door of a grocery store
    I said to my partner there goes a man
    and he’s got a trouble starter, inside his hand
    My man Eric Blam said stop on the cops
    And then what the Blam said, you’re sure to get shot
    Now they ignore me cause you saw me with a 40
    He thought the brothers were about to get naughty

    The brother’s about to get naughty! [4X]

    How ya livin on the ill side, makin a livin
    driven, never givin a damn about the women and
    if this is life, your wife, you’re livin trife
    For spite you hit the pipe every night and just fight
    You’re naughty, make a girl get physical
    She get loose for juice and then you diss her
    Pull and take another girl on a escapade
    A trip around the world a what a mess you made
    Another lady, gravy, maybe you’re crazy
    You see ?? today, you don’t faze me
    but gettin kinda hectic on the power tip
    A brother gotta pay no matter how it get

    Face the facts, base the crack,
    taste the stacks last, and these suckers are back
    So when you see the company that claim to be
    the truth you done get raw, see
    Check out the three, Run-D.M.C.
    and the brothers about to get naughty!

    The brother’s about to get naughty! [4X]

    Open up the door and let the brothers in
    Cause it’s a sin, if we ain’t down, on what’s happenin
    Yo what’s up, you don’t like the way I walk
    or I guess it’s, just the way I talk or are you prejudiced
    Invited to the show, threw on my afro
    Jumped out the limo, get to the front, you tell me no
    Yo I just came to mingle, watch the earrings jingle
    Grab a cutie rub-a-dub ’til it tingle
    But you wanna single me out, but I ain’t did that
    Check me, I ain’t strapped, pull the barricade back
    I’m comin in black, I know you’re hard dick
    six foot bodyguard, but why should I be barred
    Yo, yo, pass the 40
    Cool T, Hurricane, Run and D’s about to get naughty..

    The brother’s about to get naughty! [4X]

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