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    Mood Ruff »

    Mood Ruff Night Life Types (spitz Version) текст песни

    Night Life Types (spitz Version)

    INTRO {Odario} [Spitz]
    {What you got? (yo yo yo yo yo)}
    [Yo Night Life Types part two]
    {Mood Ruff}
    [We gonna do it up right]
    {The Spitz version}
    [For you and all my people]
    {This is how we do}
    [For all my people]

    Check it out {word up}
    Check it out
    Reality constantly evolving hang on
    And if you can’t throw down then you won’t remain long
    Obtain strong connection in the path that we chose
    Kids with obvious technical abilities rose
    Third degree burns get exposed by those like duro mad skull(?)
    Pro scam and ???? prepare to leave his mark with no trace in sight
    Ignite to break towards the way space
    Replace, no taste with a burner because I’m nice
    And if you don’t know it don’t concern ya
    Think twice before you step to the one dice
    On call, you get whipped with a ???? ???? we stroll on
    Point like arrow through Scarborough
    My man Choclair could rip through mics thorough
    Becase he know what it takes to make you say
    Big up, to Saukrates we shat at Bamboo
    ‘Nuff respect due to ya F.O.S. crew
    On with the show, so little Jazz through
    Down the twelve inches, Kardinall Offishal
    Made the crowd wild, Finesse, the Turnstyles
    When money starts to pile, as we learn to earn
    Stay down to Earth so we don’t crash and burn
    To whom it may concern, all suckers parish
    Quite as kept, we rep ???? the cat’s fearless
    Hear this, the real is king y’all compare
    This vandal to Van Gogh
    Check this ill flow from the Maxmo
    Mayhem one, never react slow
    In fact bro, boots crew got my back yo
    Different Shades Ov Blac showdown defeating wack
    Fools and shiesty status climbers
    We be the next crew with respect to old timers
    Mood Ruff and Farm Fresh, it’s the tabs that combine us
    Dedicated rhymers dropping more than one liner
    Couple words to describ us, hip-hop
    ‘Nuff said, twisted like a dread, hop up
    The Misfit, Kemo and Red
    Spread like virus that burning infection
    Thought you was a mute, contaminate your section
    Injection, ?????(can’t distinguish line)
    Check the elements as I leave and come back the next day
    If it’s in your blood, you okay, pay at the front be on your way
    Check B-boys Zeb and Dedos for the intecrit display
    Of body rocking, don’t sweat the technique ’cause he lock
    When he rocking, afraid from top to bottom it’s ill
    Strategicall position himself to make the kill
    CheckMate, Flipout you get set straight
    Penetrate your noggin with verses that first rate
    COngratulate my man Sol G, Big WIll you restin’
    Up in NYC, pull a cloak and dagger
    Make moves in Calgary
    Filling lobies be the Vagrant Hobby
    Bill and Tig(?) blow spots
    ‘Nuff props to flips out and show stops
    Last but not least there’s my moms and my pops
    Sammy, Troy and Nick holding down boonyville up in the bushes in New
    And you know this

    OUTRO [Spitz] {Odario}
    {You know how we go, Mood Ruff. Across the nation}
    [I want to give a shout to all my people. Isosoles, Moka Only, Tara Chase,
    Yo Monolith, all my peoples, you know]
    {Yeah, and we can’t forget Mackaro, Sketch and my man Anthony Ellis out in
    T-O. All the MCs, B-boys, DJS, and graf writers across the nation.}

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