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    Lopez Jennifer »

    Lopez Jennifer No Me Ames(Duet With Marc Anthony) текст песни

    No Me Ames(Duet With Marc Anthony)

    No Me Ames(Duet with Marc Anthony) Lyrics

    Dime por quГѓВ© lloras
    De felicidad
    Y por quГѓВ© te ahogas
    Por la soledad
    Di por quГѓВ© me tomas, fuerte asГѓВ­,
    mis manos, y tus pensamientos te van llevando

    Yo te quiero tanto
    Y por quГѓВ© serГѓВЎ
    Loco testarudo, no lo dudes mГѓВЎs,
    aunque en el futuro haya un muro enorme,
    yo no tengo miedo, quiero enamorarme.

    No me ames, porque pienses que
    parezco diferente
    TГѓВє no piensas que es lo justo,
    ver pasar el tiempo juntos
    No me ames, que comprendo,
    la mentira que serГѓВ­a.
    Si tu amor no merezco, no me ames,
    mas quГѓВ©date otro dГѓВ­a

    No me ames, porque estoy perdido,
    porque cambiГѓВ© el mundo, porque es el
    destino, porque no se puede, somos un espejo,
    Y tГѓВє asГѓВ­ serГѓВ­as lo que yo
    de mГѓВ­ reflejo
    No me ames, para estar muriendo,
    dentro de una guerra llena de
    arrepentimientos, no me ames para estar
    en tierra, quiero alzar el
    vuelo, con
    tu gran amor por el azul del cielo


    No sГѓВ© quГѓВ© decirte, esa es la verdad,
    si la gente quiere, sabe lastimar
    TГѓВє y yo partiremos, ellos no se mueven,
    pero en este cielo sola no me dejes

    No me dejes, no me dejes, no me escuches,
    si te digo "no me ames".
    No me dejes, no desarmes,
    mi corazГѓВіn con ese "no me ames"
    No me ames, te lo ruego, mi amargura, dГѓВЁjame
    Sabes bien, que no puedo, que es inГѓВєtil,
    que siempre te amarГѓВ©

    No me ames, pues te harГѓВ© sufrir con este
    corazГѓВІn que se llenГѓВі de mil inviernos
    No me ames, para asГѓВ­ olvidarte de tus dГѓВ­as grises, quiero que me ames
    sГѓВіlo por amarme
    No me ames, tГѓВє y yo volaremos,
    uno con el otro y seguiremos siempre juntos
    Este amor es como el sol que sale tras de la tormenta
    Como dos cometas en la misma estela

    "Dont love me" >> "You don’t love me"

    Tell me why you’re crying…
    Of happiness.
    And why are you drowning?
    for loneliness
    Tell me why you take my hands so strongly, and let your
    thoughts carry you away

    I love you so much
    And why is that?
    Crazy stubborn person, stop doubting it any longer
    Even though in the future there will be a huge wall
    I’m not afraid, I want to fall in love

    Dont love me, because you think that
    I may appear different
    You dont think its right
    For us to see time go by together?
    Dont love me, I understand
    the lie that it would be
    If your love, I don;t deserve, dont love me,
    just stay another day

    Dont love me, because I am lost,
    Because I changed the world,Because its destiny
    Because it can’t be, We both are like a mirror,
    And you would be my own reflection
    Don’t love me, you would be dying
    Within a war full of regrets,dont love me to be on this
    Earth, I would like to throw your enormous love
    thru the blue sky.


    I dont know what to say to you, that’s the truth
    When people want to, they know how to hurt
    You and I will depart, they would not move,
    But in this sky dont leave me alone

    Dont leave me, dont leave me, dont listen to me
    If I say to you "dont love me"
    Dont let me. Do not disable
    my heart with that "Dont love me"
    Dont love me, I’m begging you, leave me with my bitternes
    You know well, that I can’t, that its useless,
    That I will always love you

    Dont love me,because I would make you suffer with this heart of mine
    that was filled with a thousand winters.
    Dont love me,so that way you can forget of your gray days.
    I want you to love me, just to love me
    Dont love me, you and I will fly,
    With with the other, and we will always be together
    This love is like the sun that comes out after the storm
    Like 2 comets on the same path

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