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    Lavigne Avril »

    Lavigne Avril Nobody’s Fool текст песни

    Nobody’s Fool

    Fall back
    Take a look at me
    And you’ll see I’m for real
    I feel what only I can feel
    And if that don’t appeal to you
    Let me know
    And I’ll go
    ‘Cuz I flow
    Better when my colors show
    And that’s the way it has to be
    ‘Cuz creativity could never bloom
    In my room
    I’d throw it all away before I lie
    So don’t call me with a compromise
    Hang up the phone
    I’ve got a backbone stronger than yours
    La la la la la la
    La la la la la la la
    La la la la la la

    If you’re trying to turn me into someone else
    Its easy to see I’m not down with that
    I’m not nobody’s fool
    If you’re trying to turn me into something else
    I’ve seen enough and I’m over that
    I’m not nobody’s fool
    If you wanna bring me down
    Go ahead and try
    Go ahead and try

    You don’t know
    You think you know me like yourself
    But I fear
    That you’re only telling me what I wanna hear
    But do you give a damn
    That I can’t not be what I am
    I’m not the milk and cheerios in your spoon
    Its not a simple hearing but not so soon
    I might’ve fallen for that when I was fourteen
    In a little more dream
    But its amazing what a couple can mean
    La la la la la la
    La la la la la la la
    La la la la la la


    Go ahead and try
    Try and look me in the eye
    But you’ll never see inside
    Until you realize, realize
    Things are trying to settle down
    Just try to figure out
    Exactly what I’m about
    If its with or without you
    I don’t need you doubting me

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