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    Manafest »

    Manafest Not Ready To Die текст песни

    Not Ready To Die

    Breathe, reflect in between my rhymes
    Don’t know if tomorrow will be my time
    Release, ya whole mind body and soul
    Up in your zone this world’s out a control
    Cause If I die before I wake
    Pray to God my soul he takes I got one life, one heart, one mind
    I’m not ready die, let’s stay alive

    Why would I lie if I know it’s true?
    If I’m wrong than I’m wrong than I say that’s cool
    It’s the law of the earth that’ll kill me first
    It’s the God of the universe who saved my birth
    Not cocky, not watching, I don’t care if yall diss
    I got 100 verses 40 songs take ya pick
    Average man lives to 65, I got 9 lives
    Courtesy of Christ I’m a use all 9
    So find me atrocious, I rhyme with emotion
    I’m floating in here you better come up for air
    You got cash, clothes, a chick, Zero percent
    With crack up ye nose bro it don’t make sense
    And it’s been that way you’re not D.O.A (dead on arrival)
    Yo, did you hear me this life is getting scary
    Know what you’re about not just knowledge of self
    You got one chance to play, and ya cards are dealt

    I can’t be held down, to your worldly styles
    Get up and bounce Ricochet off my sound
    I ain’t ready to, die
    I got mileage to ride
    I stopped playing with yall,
    Between hating my God
    Figured him on my side, I could fly or
    Walk the waters,
    Heal his daughters you’ve never seen an artist
    To spit this truth, this year, kill fear
    I’m the new pioneer, and I’m still a kid

    I ain’t got time to waste, this be the last one
    The outcome of life I’m unsure, I’m not done
    Leave yall a message, and answer some questions
    The who what why we here
    Why’s there fear, if I die, do I rise like birds of the air?
    My opinion is clear, in position to care
    I can’t give it away give it away
    What they say can’t make or break me
    Save me before I start changing
    Earthlings I want to hear you’ll sing
    Stretch ya life out long, I wanna see it bling
    Cause if I die I know what’s on the other side
    One life one God, and I’m flying high

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