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  • Morbid Angel »

    Morbid Angel Nothing But Fear текст песни

    Nothing But Fear

    Consequence … now the panic comes
    You’ve dabled in magik your fingers are burned
    Lost as you run towards the light
    And deep in you rheart you have nothing but fear

    Your future is hanging by a strand
    Your master makes his just demands
    Game of life’s price comign due
    A swell of fear erupts inyou

    You time is now !
    Never a prayer, just silence rings
    Charity works won’t change a thing
    Your balance of life is on our side
    There’s never a place to hide

    What’s so real is plain in sight
    Cost to play; eternal life
    For when we play — we play for keeps
    Satan’s marks forever speak

    Your time is now !
    With screams you defy still silence rings
    Prayers to some god won’t change a thing
    Gleam in your eyes reduced to tears
    And deep in your heart you’ve nothing but fear

    Why object to іrewardsІ you know you’ve earned them
    Why reject all your fantasy
    You can’t betray what your works have bargained for you
    No use to fear what you have in store

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