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    Romanovsky And Phillips »

    Romanovsky And Phillips Oh, No… I’m in Love текст песни

    Oh, No… I’m in Love

    (Romantic relationships are always available… at $75 an hour.)

    He makes me smile when I am blue
    He gives me answers when I really haven’t got a single solitary
    He makes my troubles seem so small
    He so handsome, dark and tall

    He doesn’t judge me when I regress
    His words are cloaked in tenderness
    He’s the lover I’ve never kissed
    Oh, no… I’m in love

    He helps me strengthen my resolve
    There’s not a problem he can’t solve
    He’s always cheerful, he’s never a grouch
    Ooh, I wanna lay down on his couch

    We get along like soup and salad
    He reassures me that my anger is valid
    He thinks it’s good when I get pissed
    Oh no… I’m in love with my therapist

    My friends encouraged me to get some therapy
    ‘Cause when you left me I was such a mess
    I thought life held no more for me
    ‘Til he opened up his door to me
    And I found myself surrounded by his sympathy

    He reinforces my self-esteem
    He likes to analyze my dreams
    He always listens when I speak
    I wish I could afford to see him
    More than once a week

    He lets me try out different roles
    He pushes me to set some goals
    Each hour we spend together is total bliss
    Oh no…

    My friends encouraged me to get some therapy
    ‘Cause when you left me I was such a mess
    I thought it was the end for me
    ‘Til he became a friend to me
    And I found myself astounded by his empathy

    He’s got diplomas on his wall
    There’s fresh-brewed coffee down the hall
    He’s begonias on his window sill
    And kleenex enough for a nuclear spill

    He calls it «progress» when I cry
    Oh what a sweet and sensitive guy
    Why couldn’t you have been like this?
    Oh no… I’m in love with my therapist

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