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    Madonna »

    Madonna Oh What a Circus текст песни

    Oh What a Circus

    Che: Oh what a circus
    Oh what a show
    Argentina has gone to town
    Over the death of an actress called Eva Peron
    We’ve all gone crazy mourning all day and mourning all night
    Falling over ourselves to get all of the misery right

    Oh what an exit that’s how to go
    When they’re ringing your curtain down
    Demand to be buried like Eva Peron
    It’s quite a sunset
    And good for the country in a roundabout way
    We’ve made the front page of all the world’s papers today

    But who is this Santa Evita
    Why all this howling hysterical sorrow
    What kind of goddess has lived among us
    How will we ever get by without her

    She had her moments she had some style
    The best show in town was the crowd
    Outside the Casa Rosada crying Eva Peron
    But that’s all gone now
    As soon as the smoke from the funeral clears
    We’re all gonna see and how
    She’s done nothing for years

    Choir: Salve Regina mater misericordiae
    Vita dulcedo et spes nostra
    Salve salve Regina
    Ad te clamamus
    Exules filii Eva
    Ad tu suspiramus gementes
    Et flentes o clemens o pia

    Che: You let down your people Evita
    You were supposed to have been immortal
    That’s all they wanted not much to ask for

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