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  • Rose Maddox »

    Rose Maddox Ole Slew Foot текст песни

    Ole Slew Foot

    High on the mountain tell me what do you see
    Bear tracks bear tracks’re lookin’ back at me
    You better get your rifles boy before it’s too late
    Cause the bear’s got a little big and headed through the gate
    He’s bigger round a middle and he’s brought across a rough
    Runnin’ ninety miles an hour takin’ thirty feet to jump
    He never been caught and he ain’t never been treat some folks say looks a lot like me
    [ dobro - steel ]
    Saved up my money and bought me some bees
    They started makin’ honey way up in the tree
    I chup down the trees but my honey’s all gone
    Ole slew foot’s done made himself a home
    He’s bigger round a middle…
    [ fiddle ]
    Well winter’s comin’ on and it’s twenty below
    The river’s frozen over so where can he go
    We chase him in the golly and we run him in the well
    And shoot him at the bottom and we listen to him yell
    He’s bigger round a middle…
    Yeah some folks say looks a lot like me

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