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    Romanovsky And Phillips »

    Romanovsky And Phillips Once Upon a Time текст песни

    Once Upon a Time

    (We continue to grow and evolve as a community. The changes are
    Often surprising… and confusing.)

    Once upon a time when life was simple and serene
    My roommate was a lesbian and I a happy queen
    I lived for Sunday brunches in my tightest fitting jeans
    While she read _The Well of Loneliness_ and _Plexus_ magazine
    But now I go to potlucks where the food is rather bleak
    And I’ve joined a new support group that meets every other weeks
    While she lives to go out dancing with her hair done up in curls
    It’s getting hard to tell the boys from the girls

    Once upon a time when life was crystal clear
    Each of us had favorite music we preferred to hear
    While I went dancing to Sylvester down in Key West every year
    She went to music festivals to worship Holly Near (Imagine my
    But now our tastes in music have completely turned around
    And now instead of Michigan she goes to Provincetown
    While I play Alix Dobkin on my Walkman now and then (Gee, you’re
    An Amazon)
    It’s getting hard to tell the women from the men

    One upon a time when life was easy to predict
    Sex was something I could get and I could get it quick
    I’d look at all the men and know that I could take my pick
    While she frowned upon my lifestyle with each and every trick
    But now my sex adventures, though still fun, are rather tame
    While she’s discovered JoAnn Loulan and she’ll never be the same
    Cause she dates a lot of women and she buys erotic toys
    It’s getting hard to tell the girls from the boys

    Times they change
    Fashions rearrange themselves
    If you don’t stay on top
    You’ll find yourself dropped on a shelf

    Once upon a time when life was black and white
    I used to do the drag shows to be famous for a night
    While she drank her beer without a glass and looked for Mrs.
    I’d cruise the local customers just asking for a light
    But now she is the only one who steps out in a dress
    And I’m wearing all her flannel shirts and sandals, I confess
    And now she smokes Virginia Slims instead of Lucky Strikes
    It’s getting hard to tell the boys from girls
    Hard to tell the men from women
    Hard to tell the faggots from the dykes

    Now if all of this appears to show that everyone’s gone mad
    It’s only part and parcel of a somewhat larger fad
    Look no further than the glint of gold in many straight boys’
    It’s getting hard to tell the breeders* from the queers

    (* The term «breeders» is fading from usage as gay and lesbian
    Parents become more and more visible (see next song); however, it
    Fit too well in this lyric not to use it. Cut me some slack, ok?

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