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    T-bone Organized Rhyme текст песни

    Organized Rhyme

    (feat. Organized Rhyme Crew)


    I snatch the mic and rock and spit rhymes that make the world stop

    And wanna-be MCs shed tears like Tupac

    stabbin my soldier in the back, but you sittin on the bench

    shut yo mouth about my man, cause i’ll come to his defense

    I gotta drop thang upon your feel

    so in this next line Mayhem bout to get for real

    half a y’all is wack, no lyrical talent, you pretenders

    you’re wrong about the Organized Rhyme representers

    the other half approach if you wish to persist in my rage

    you cease to exist when I enter the stage

    I’m invincible, you invisible, break you down to pure minibles

    now you miserable, destroy you with no intervals

    in my mind I see a lyrical beam on your head

    when its time to go to the battle zone all I see is red

    cause you in danger, when I come through whos stoppin me ?

    A kamikaze Mobb a Deep-er, than Havoc or Prodigy, uh


    I represent the Organized Rhyme c-a-Crew

    no one can do what we do, thats why there’s just a few

    (Organized Rhyme) ORC

    droppin lyrics led by the Spirit on the M I C


    Maximillian sees the problems in the Christian industry

    so I’m breakin off all these hooble-type rappers

    cause they don’t feast on dope beats, they’re just snackers

    meanwhile our crew explodes like fire crackers

    backwards mentality

    you disrespect the pioneers who paved the way for you and your crew

    we be the deacons of this industry

    dis and Mayhem and T and the E — D O G

    when actually your lyrics straight be glorifyin the enemy

    I hate to hit you with a blast from the past LP

    without the LORD, man it wouldnt sell 3

    most brothas be like, "man don’t I know you ?" and its true

    91, 92, where were you ?, I’m bangin with the Organized Rhyme Crew



    check it out

    well it be my turn to bust, so watch out, you know the deal

    I cut MCs like Zorro, leavin faces scarred up like Seal

    really tho, so peep the voice, I be the B O N E

    wit the crew who hold more championships than Wayne Gretzky

    (cause we be) the Organized Rhyme bambinos

    bustin more rhymes than tech 9s held by Al Pachino

    so watch out, we comin full force with dope production

    And these lyrics so phat, sometimes I need lyposuctions

    huh, I’m in the house like a kitchen, flippin lyrics sweet like honey

    And I got mo raps than the mummy

    steady killin the demons everyday like Chunghatti

    until the day God gone beam me up like Scotty

    (oh yeah) did I forget to mention

    that I be keepin MCs locked up like Shawshank Redemption

    huh, its just a gift, now I be passin the microphone

    back to my cousin who used to sling more keys than a lock smith, ahh



    pose a threat, my rhymes be organized like my crew

    It’s the few, but not the proud like some groups around fool

    It’s the E to the D O G

    lyrically assassinatin demons everyday like my cousin T

    see, we be, the notorious Organized Rhyme clique

    equipped with the Word of God like a pistol grip

    And when I’m thumpin gets to pumpin more and more of what you lookin for

    aura in your town, now we takin over

    so put away your nursery rhymes, chimes, and nickel and dime hooks

    you ain’t got no verse in this rap book

    dear God, I got up in the ride because its scary

    for T-Bo capped ‘em writin out a dictionary

    I don’t associate myself with playa haters, can’t trust ‘em

    they say we ain’t dope, but we still can’t pass through customs

    (dust ‘em) like finger prints (you can’t touch his mind)

    my crew be more United than the Airlines

    [Chorus x3]

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