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  • Romanovsky And Phillips »

    Romanovsky And Phillips Paint by Numbers (song For Frances) текст песни

    Paint by Numbers (song For Frances)

    A teenage girl makes headlines
    In the Seattle news
    For questioning religion
    In nineteen thirty-two
    Frances Farmer was her name
    She had ideas in her head
    They tried to stop her crazy dreams
    She never heard a word they said
    (They told her)

    Paint by numbers
    Color in the lines
    March in rhythm
    Never out of time
    Paint by numbers
    Walk in single file
    Learn the system
    Conform to the style

    To Hollywood she travelled
    To be an actress there
    And everyone was dazzled
    By her beauty and her flair
    But Frances wasn’t satisfied
    With all the money and the fame
    They tried to teach her all the rules
    But she refused to play the game
    (Didn’t want to)


    But that’s not how Picasso painted
    That’s not how Beethoven played
    They rearranged tradition
    And history was made
    That’s not how Picasso painted
    That’s not how Beethoven played
    They dared to be different
    And did it their own way

    They locked away poor Frances
    Told her she was insane
    And shocked her with the treatments
    That slowly killed her brain
    But her spirit lives with me
    And that is why I sing this song
    ‘Cause when a brilliant mind is put away
    My senses tell me something’s wrong
    (When they tell you to)


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