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  • Rundgren Todd »

    Rundgren Todd Parallel Lines текст песни

    Parallel Lines

    Kindred spirits moving along the spiral
    I can see you up on another level
    It’s too great a fall
    And I can’t reach you to pull me higher
    But I don’t seem to get much closer or any more far

    What would you tell me, if I could hear you speaking?
    If you could touch me, how would I know the feeling?
    I just can’t imagine
    But I try to do it anyway
    I wish I was moving faster, I wish you’d drift back
    But it just wasn’t meant to happen
    Very soon I’ll have to

    Face the fact
    Some things never come together
    Parallel lines running on forever
    And you can’t turn back
    There is never any starting over
    Parallel lines never do cross over

    It’s a challenge
    Gotta make myself remember
    Facing the truth, well, that doesn’t mean surrender
    What is bravado and how much is a force of will?
    I know that the world is full of opposites that attract
    But unless we ignore the physics
    Very soon we’ll have to

    So I send you the gift of empathy
    If you’d once in your life acknowledge me
    I have visualized so thoroughly
    That when I think of me I think of we

    Can’t face the truth
    It means that we must surrender
    Understanding won’t satisfy the hunger
    It whittles away at the destiny we fulfill
    And like an animal running wild
    You can’t call it back
    And it’s just gonna make it harder
    When it’s finally time to

    It’s like a train that’s stuck running on a track
    Parallel lines running on, running on, running on

    Форма обратной связи