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  • The Genius »

    The Genius Phony as ya Wanna be текст песни

    Phony as ya Wanna be

    When I hold a mic in my hand, it’s devotion
    Then I began flowing in a smooth steady motion
    Cause I’mcontended to know that I’ve invented
    Poetry which has been highly complimented
    Thus how I rhyme is what I feel on stage
    And from a fraction of a thought I can write a whole page
    I’ll just pull a notebook from off the shelf
    And like Salt-N-Pepa I express myself
    To make most of you know me, and some of you don’t
    But when it comes to cold challenging, I bet none of you won’t
    Arrange a battle, improve your style
    Against a brother with a totally different profile
    Most of you flake cold front ya flex
    And hesitate on rhymes that should’ve been Memorex
    But you forgot I remember you’re an amateur
    Mystery worshipper, nowI prefer
    ThatI remind you or tease ya on who’s the boss
    Cause you suffer amnesia, that’s memory loss
    Well get this just as quiet as it’s kept
    MC’s on the chart from teh start has slept
    Let’s shake them,wake them, they should be woke
    For what? They take MC’ing for a practical joke
    You don’t have what it takes to be an MC
    Ya just as phony as ya wanna be

    You present yourself to be the quiet storm
    You’re a sneaky littlesnake in a devilish form
    But as they say, yo, to each its own
    And to each one who plays with a microphone
    Abbreviate microphone and M.I.C.
    Meaning what, Myself, I, you see
    I invite those to battle me then they’re through
    Bust it, i’mnot prejudiced you’re invited too
    The rap convention or the MC show
    I have rhymes to block those who hit below
    The belt, that means biting a rhyme
    Yes, I’ll wax you, tax you and plus save time
    Now who is known to uphold his own
    And words are heard like a strong baritone
    Freestyle techniques that’s wild and bold
    That’ll smile in your face and still come so cold
    That I’ll freeze you to the point of non-defrost
    Now you’re trapped in the Land Of The Lost
    Should I, could I, would I lose
    When it’s a selfish sore loser like you I choose
    To roll your big eyes and suck your buck teeth
    Because you’re upset that you ever caused beef
    Yo homeboy, I never meant to tease
    But it’s a slaughter, can someone help him please
    Feeling uncomfortable, then loosen your belt
    Once The Genius gets heated up, suckers will melt
    Then after ya melt, ya start dripping like water
    Then you can say this was a Goddamn slaughter
    You don’t have what it takes to be an MC
    Ya just phony as ya wanna be

    Ain’t no rhymes like the one I got
    They put competitors in a trance, y’all
    Radio stations ran them a lot
    They made children play and dance y’all
    How dare ya mention you’re an MC
    When the crowd disagrees on who claim to be
    Cause your battle piece are the rhymes you release
    And that only make the crowd boos increase
    Hey, may I say I’ll stay a DJ
    MC who try to defeat me or portray
    One who claims he gain much respect

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