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  • Rupert Hine »

    Rupert Hine Picture-phone текст песни


    It’s a reckless world
    That lets itself be guided by its tools
    But what our eyes can see we believe
    The truth is not for fools
    Is there nothing between us but plastic and wire
    Will some modern invention prove you a liar
    All the time you were saying this is it
    It was that
    And you didn’t get that scratch from the cat

    I’ll be stripped to the skin
    You’ll be stripped to the bone
    And we’ll all say no to the picture-phone

    It was so easy to cheat on a blind line
    With an alibi and your image intact
    Whatever the number -
    Whatever the crime -
    Not only the famous will have to resign

    And you have come to depend
    On your right to pretend you’re alone
    Would the star of the screen
    Ever wish to be seen
    Red-eyed and dying through the morning call
    And the president’s friends
    Would they live for long
    If they saw down the wire what really goes on
    When you’re home to relax
    Come the facial attacks
    And the breathers in masks — oh no!


    Is she the girl of your dreams
    With her curlers and creams
    Another fantasy’s blown
    And we’ll all say no on the picture-phone


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