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  • Rundgren Todd »

    Rundgren Todd Piece by Piece текст песни

    Piece by Piece

    She looks good
    But she’s not all together right
    All the parts are not screwed on tight
    There’s a touch of tragedy

    When she moves
    I can see the secret showing through
    She’d deny it if she thought I knew
    But she could never hide from me

    Anyone would think there’s nothing wrong
    She looks so satisfied
    But I’ve known about her much too long
    She can’t conceal what she feels inside

    I’m going to show her that
    Piece by piece
    Inch by inch
    I can put her back together again
    I’ll supply the love she lacks
    And give her back
    Exactly what she needs
    Bringing it piece by piece

    All I need to find a way around her defense
    is just a little common sense
    I don’t have a strategy
    I’ll be there, like I have so many other times
    She’ll reveal to me a certain sign
    that only I can see

    Anyone would think there’s nothing wrong
    She seems like she’s complete
    But it’s obvious it’s been too long
    Since she believed what she needs is me

    Anyone would think there’s nothing wrong
    But she’s not fooling me
    Everybody wants to lead her on
    But I believe what she needs is me
    (what she needs is me)

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