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  • Saafir the Saucee Nomad »

    Saafir the Saucee Nomad Playa Hayta текст песни

    Playa Hayta

    It’s best you let me wander or I’ll taunt
    Ya with my brain
    I’m the editor in chief
    The leaf a rap a dope shit antique
    Rope kits for the hang time a
    Heinous crime
    ‘Cause I drain his mind. Open it up
    The same as mine not the same ass
    Nickel plated statements with nickel
    Knuckle faded faces. No matter what
    The Race is I hope ya cockpit got shit
    I stock
    Hits. Inventory glorious. I owe me this
    I’m on my homies shit — the homeless
    This skill is real when I attack from
    Back I’ll say a rhyme then pull your
    Cord from your torso, more so or
    Yet more or less it’s not an option
    I’m coppin’
    A plea seizing a shop and hopin’ a
    A blow of the past. If not, I’ll be
    His ass away. J. Groove is on the cross, I’m
    The heavyweight fader of a playa

    Analysis is deep, forever on the peep
    And I’m
    The best, the crest of the ho shit…
    You can’t manifest destiny unless it’s
    Oh, you don’t approve of my moves
    But I’m not
    Starvin’ for jargon, so save it.
    My libido is
    The needle to the wax, I like to tax in
    Gazebos, surviving like a mac king,
    Never lacking when I’m stacking
    I try and try to tell fools, that I’ve been
    Through hell and my tools ain’t the same
    As yours. Coors Light that’s what
    Drinkin’, must be I’m wrong yours is

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