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    Saafir »

    Saafir Pokerface текст песни


    (Gamble) (gamble)

    [Smoothe da Hustler] (Nobody move)




    Yeah now fuck that

    Check this out, man


    All you niggas with them muthafuckin pokerface on

    And don’t know how to pull no real-ass cards

    You step your punk ass back into the plaster, nigga

    You understand me?

    I’m not tryin to feel you

    Straight up


    [VERSE 1: Saafir]

    Cash in your chips, I’m hot, I got the fever

    Where the dealer?

    Nobody move, it’s my turn

    I’m shakin the dice of life with a tight grip

    I’m flippin the numbers, mayn, a hustler that be lovin pain

    You better watch the dice cause they be runnin game

    The name don’t fit the face mask and all my whole nine

    You ???? with a .45

    And I bust it through your pokerface

    Cause I know it’s fake and simple ??? pimp

    Seein through your face like ??? on a hoe named Pimples

    Yeah that’s what you covered with

    Pits all in your face, no deeper than dimples

    Niggas is shallow but I’m knowin

    Cause I got the nostrils that knows I’m the shit

    Smell me, really do ???? a lots intoxants

    You can’t peep me, keep my face, you frostbitten freaky

    My grill stayin in 3-d

    You, you, you can’t, can’t, can’t see, see, see me, me, me


    Who got the dice so I can take your life

    Cash in your chips, I’m hot, I got the fever sittin on a block of ice

    Still can’t peep me, keep my face, you frostbitten freaky

    And I stay cocked

    [VERSE 2: Saafir]

    You cats is rappin with jokerlips

    With them corny-ass stiff comedian-ass ingredients

    Fly niggas get broke like (what?) kites

    When you gamblin for your life with only two poker chips

    Strip, click-clack, you know that shit

    Niggas shakin the dice like mice runnin a rat race

    Well in that case rewind a nigga twice like Christ

    I’m rockin his daddy’s ice (that’s some cold shit)

    We give a fuck about ridin a trick in a Six

    Or decoratin a vagina with diamonds

    Playas that need to get traded

    And dropped off on a slave island in the Caymans

    A granddaddy at phrasin

    And a master at assemblin ass in pasture when it’s grazin

    I’ll pull your broad like a horse

    And I’m holding the reins cause I’m alway reignin, I’m always flamin

    I stay high when I’m bustin, I stay cock-poppin

    You cocky-ass Rocky’s

    And lady, I ain’t the father of your baby, hoe

    When your pokerface look like mashed potatos and gravy though

    You need to eat, huh? You look the part

    But you don’t walk the talk

    The toes are like ten lies on your feet

    When you speak no heed

    You couldn’t bake big pies with the recipe

    If I leave you in a darkest den you likes to see the rest of me



    [VERSE 3: Saafir]

    My pokerface is so straight

    I can buy the painting of Mona Lisa

    With a Visa

    Or you can invest in me

    A real shark at the bottom of an infested sea

    The style is on the run, my rap sheets is deep

    But the hip-hop police ain’t arrestin me

    Move that vehicle, this ain’t the streets you park on

    Start dippin into some parkin lot pimpin, move out that marked zone

    Unplug your microphone and turn on your VCR

    And watch this porno star

    Leave your ass like gas

    Stuck and fucked and mad

    Rippin the doors off the hinges

    Jealous niggas wanna kill me cause I’m in they hood like a engine

    I’m just idlin with a game of God fame

    And broads got you doin strict crossovers like Iverson

    These herbs be herbed, Chinese vitamins?

    Nah, these niggas need verbs

    That’s so cold to keep hype niggas in furs (brrr..)

    I’m gone, one, bum-ass dumb nigga

    My pokerface got nerves


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