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    Disturbed »

    Disturbed Prayer текст песни


    Another dream that will never come true
    Just to compliment your sorrow
    Another life that I’ve taken from you
    A gift to add on to your pain and suffering
    Another truth you can never believe
    Has crippled you completely
    All the cries you’re beginning to hear
    Trapped in your mind, and the sound is deafening

    Let me enlighten you
    This is the way I pray

    Living just isn’t hard enough
    Burn me alive, inside
    Living my life’s not hard enough
    Take everything away

    Another nightmare about to come true
    Will manifest tomorrow
    Another love that I’ve taken from you
    Lost in time, on the edge of suffering
    Another taste of the evil I breed
    Will level you completely
    Bring to life everything that you fear
    Live in the dark, and the world is threatening

    Let me enlighten you
    This is the way i pray


    Return to me
    Leave me no one
    Turn to me
    Return to me
    Cast aside

    You’ve made me turn away


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