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  • Rascalz »

    Rascalz Priceless текст песни


    (feat. Esthero)

    [Red 1]

    Strictly dollars, no problem


    We going to let this moon rise

    Feel the vibe

    [CHORUS: Red 1 (Misfit)]

    They say that everybody got a price

    Through material lust, for the things nice

    Better think twice

    (Not everything can be bought or sold)

    Certain things in this life money don’t control


    Yo, life itself in this world is priceless

    Word to my nephew, my niece

    The way I hold mic devices

    With innate skill, don’t be surprised kid

    There is no denying, this is the way it should be done crisp

    Yo I could never, be paid enough for this

    So on the paper, will you might add be the palm shit

    Today you could be mislead, by the fasaud of video life

    And what a wack rapper said

    But understand, thing is priceless

    ‘Cause it enables one to see both sides of the coin kid

    ‘Cause even if you got to lie, the best thing in life you might not buy

    Like knowledge, knowledge of self

    Knowledge of God, knowledge of health

    Since the directions, step through and collect the pot of wealth

    And that’s for real, the truth I can’t conceal

    So I teamed up with Red just to let you know the deal

    [Red 1]

    Ayo for real, far gone way too vain

    Them a run from reality to escape the pain

    The salary the aim, no more rely on the brain

    ‘Cause everything has a price when you have no shame

    Everyone wants a life, the hard thing’s to gain

    Thinking what the can’t have, money will obtain

    But it ain’t so simple and plain, know what I’m saying

    It just ain’t so simple and plain


    [Red 1]

    Yo survival of the fittest, to survive you need dough

    But once you got dough, got to maintain a steady flow

    And let it grow you know, add another zero

    Yo from down in the ghetto, we bust through the door

    Now accustomed to things, you wasn’t before

    Money showed you power you never felt when poor

    To say money bring power, power with corruption

    ‘Til corrupted to the point paralleled to destruction

    Disgusted, mind full of lusting

    Got mixed priorities, family love first thing

    Praises due for life, from one morning

    Because tomorrow’s a site, not a guaranteed thing

    So live to the fullest, make your moves to win

    Cherish your brethren, nourish and love the children

    Throw them positive, negative will kill them

    Drafted to war for arrogant wicked men

    But it’s all unity, one world community

    To divide is the recipe for our tragedy

    So adequately you get yours I get mine

    Take nothing for granted and walk a righteous line

    Uhh, uh uh



    Ayo, the love from a woman that ain’t your mother


    The sun, moon and Earth and what they yield is priceless

    The morals that you pass down to kids is priceless

    [???] "That’s why I always take time to write this"

    To have hope in this world is priceless

    Common sense with education is priceless

    Having insight with understanding is priceless

    A combination of the two harmonises

    If the practice of what you preach is priceless

    Learning from your own mistakes is also priceless

    Yo for real, check your own actions

    And be proud of them, if they share the same likeness

    In turn earns respect which is priceless

    And when you speak the truth, your word is priceless

    Don’t forget self-control over temptation is priceless

    Like all facets of hip hop we symbolise this


    [Red 1]

    You know we all want to get money money

    I want to get money, you want to get money

    Just don’t get it twisted, know what I’m saying

    Money ain’t everything


    Do you want me to go and beg for $10 a week for the rest of my life?

    I tried that, I rather die and I don’t have to

    because I’m going to make it

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