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    Rundgren Todd »

    Rundgren Todd Proactivity текст песни


    My new fashion is the ultimate reaction
    Proactivity, proactivity yeah
    No more waiting for what fate may be creating
    Proactivity, proactivity yeah
    Keepin’ an eye on that karma goin’ by
    Proactivity, proactivity yeah
    Ever ready and my gaze is rock steady
    Proactivity for me, proactivity yeah

    Wake up and face the animal in you
    The frightened lizard that wants to win you
    That wants the madness to continue
    Screwed into every sinew

    Go on pretending you don’t know the ending
    All the things that you weren’t intending
    But your broadcast continued sending
    Now you’re just hoping to blend in

    I can’t digs it, no one else is gonna fix it
    Proactivity for me, proactivity yeah
    Air keeps stinkin’ while we sit here thinkin’
    No activity, proactivity yeah
    Keep on fakin’, it’s a fake world you’re makin’
    Proactivity, proactivity yeah
    Crash test dummies never saw it comin’
    Inactivity, proactivity yeah

    Look who’s talkin’, the last believer
    I’m the one who was happy with neither
    The last to come and the first to leave it
    I tossed my faith in the river

    My mistake, my philosophy busted
    I watched my future become encrusted
    I had a dream, but I refused to trust it
    Now I’ve finally sussed it

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