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  • Romeo Must Die (Soundtrack) »

    Romeo Must Die (Soundtrack) Pump The Brakes текст песни

    Pump The Brakes

    (Performed by Dave Hollister)
    Ooh yeah, hey, hey
    She’s got so much potential
    She chooses to use her body
    Instead of usin’ her mind, oh oh whoa oh
    I be weakest, I took advantage of her without knowin’
    I should send her on her way, yeah, ooh

    1 — You need to pump the brakes
    I don’t know you like that
    I need a chance to get to know you
    Oh, won’t you let me get to know you?
    Girl for Heaven’s sake, why you actin’ so fast?
    You make it way too easy, way too easy

    Repeat 1

    Don’t think that it had not crossed my mind too
    A time or two, cuz I would be lyin’ to you, hey ay
    See I can’t and I won’t give in
    We just need to be good friends
    Cuz I don’t know where you been
    Ay, yeah yeah yeah

    Repeat 1
    Repeat 1

    I seen where you’re headed for before
    Girl, I done been down that road
    (Girl think about it, better think about it, just think about it)
    Beat you up to ’til you get home
    (Girl think about it, better think about it, girl think about it)
    See I’m just lookin’ out for you, for you
    You need to…

    Repeat 1 to fade

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