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    The Eyeliners »

    The Eyeliners Punk Rock Planet текст песни

    Punk Rock Planet

    It all started at the break of dawn
    Everyone knew something was wrong
    City filled with chaos and disarray
    Military spy they would say

    The door opens wide
    Someone steps out from inside
    No one knows where he’s been
    He’s not your typical alien
    Leather jacket full of pins
    Converse shoes and a grin
    He said, "Step inside and
    I’ll take you for a wild ride"

    Yeah yeah yeah yeah-Now you’re one of them

    Then it drew closer it drew near
    As it took it’s course along the stratosphere
    Dark clouds looming way up high
    They said there’s an object in the sky


    We went up high rockin’ in outer space
    Defying the laws of time and space
    Ship is rockin’ they’re going insane
    Punk Rock Planet* Punk Rock Plane!


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