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    Lavigne Avril »

    Lavigne Avril Punky Princess 4 текст песни

    Punky Princess 4

    I saw you at the mall
    Trying on the clothes
    In that little blue stall
    I was watching your feet
    Then a piece of cheese hit the floor
    Ohhh yeah Floor
    Chorus:I’m just a punk princess
    Trying to make it through this life
    Trying to make everything alright
    But all I can picture is the cheese
    Ooh yeah cheese
    Why must you make me hurt so much?
    Why must you eat so much cheese at lunch?
    Why don’t you just die, and leave me here like I was
    DIE! DIE!! DIE!!! DIE!!!!!! Die like the Japs at Hiroshima when the atom
    bomb hit their face and then they died
    Actually don’t die because that’s mean,
    and because MTV will break their contract with me
    So don’t die
    Pleash is a word, invented in Spain
    Pleash was invented to symbolize the pain
    The pain that you’ve put me through
    The pain that I’ve gained
    But if you die, it will all go away
    All go away
    All go away
    But actually don’t die pleash, because I kinda like you a little still
    But not a lot, just a speck
    Like the cheese that’s left after I’ve raided through the fridge
    Why must you remind me of cheese?
    I love cheese but not you
    I only love you a little
    Only a speck

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