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    Romanovsky And Phillips »

    Romanovsky And Phillips Queers in The Closet текст песни

    Queers in The Closet

    (By staying closeted we make ourselves invisible; by coming out
    We shatter the popular illusion that the whole world is
    Heterosexual. Gay men and women with high visibility can have a
    Tremendous impact by coming out, especially on the next
    Generation. We owe it to those who have brought our movement
    This far to finish the job. We cannot assume someone else will
    Do it for us.)

    There’s a woman that we all know and love
    She’s made us laugh for years
    We’ve watched as her talents unfolded
    And blossomed into a career
    But every time you see her
    With her lover on TV
    They call themselves «partners»
    To keep up the myth
    Of heterosexuality

    There’s a former host of a talk show
    As gay as the day is long
    But he always sang the wrong pronoun
    When he opened with a song
    Well it’s true, he might lose a few fans
    But he’d gain one more in me
    If he just wouldn’t try to live the myth
    Of heterosexuality

    Queers in the closet
    In positions of power
    Doing a dance on thin ice
    Deals with the devil to be heroes for an hour
    How long must we pay the price?
    (It’s time to think twice)

    There’s a famous fashion designer
    Respected from east to west
    We wear his name on our underwear
    On our butts and on our chests
    But the ones who buy his clothing
    Would prefer to never see
    That they’re also buying the myth
    Of heterosexuality

    There’s a singer who’s risen to stardom
    She got famous overnight
    They say that she signed a contract
    To keep her lesbian lips sealed tight
    When she feels that she’s established
    Will she come out for all to see
    Or will she perpetuate the myth
    Of heterosexuality

    Think twice about taking a free ride to freedom
    While many are making demands
    And we should think twice
    About protecting the people
    Who think that there’s safety in silence
    And won’t take a stand

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