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    Madonna »

    Madonna Rainbow Tour текст песни

    Rainbow Tour

    Peron: People of Europe
    I send you the rainbow of Argentina

    Che: Spain has fallen to the charms of Evita
    She can do what she likes it doesn’t matter much

    Advisor: She’s our lady of the new world with a golden touch
    She filled a bullring 45,000 seater

    Che: But if you’re prettier than General Franco
    That’s not hard

    Advisor: Franco’s reign in Spain should see out the ’40s
    So you’ve just acquired an ally who
    Looks as secure in his job as you
    But more important current political thought is
    Your wife’s a phenominal asset your trump card

    All: Let’s hear it for the rainbow tour
    It’s been an incredible success
    We weren’t quite sure we had a few doubts
    Will Evita win through

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