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    Run Dmc »

    Run Dmc Raising Hell текст песни

    Raising Hell

    Kings from Queens from Queens come Kings
    We’re raisin’ hell like a class when the lunchbell rings
    The king will be praying the hell will be raisin’
    S s s something tryin’ to favour but it won’t be failed
    But what’s your name DMC the king is me
    You’re ha! miss on his majesty
    Now kickin’ the base ci ci ci concentrate
    But you can’t entertain DMC’s the great

    Dissin’ all the devils brought in hotter than hell
    Our very high level base the devils shall yell
    Hotter than the hell is our sound supreme
    So clear the the ear it is sometimes seen
    So loud like a cloud with thunder and lightning
    So proud to the crowd and it’s somewhat frightening
    And a cloud in a storm like it’s this at least
    Take a stopping cause I’m rockin’ can I see ‘is

    You see it’s harder than hard that one kid song
    Corageous and contageous so you better break off
    Now I call on a road did you hear me call
    Just listen what I’m dissing cause you’re pissin’ me off
    Cold bedding is spreading all across your face
    You can take when I’m rapping and that’s the case
    I go on and on and kick the bass
    So back up overcome when I take my taste

    It’s like a praise when the hell is raised
    So demeaning and commiting that you all stand dazed
    The unbelieving reseeing provecy’s so true
    I got the head of the devil and I’m showing at you
    My mighty mic control already brought his soul
    The right king is a bowe when he rocksґnґroll
    A black cat is my rap simulizing a sag
    In the fire we’re walkin’ around

    Rappin’ and climbin’ keep makin’ every day
    No sympathize the sound so it sounds when I say
    I’m great gimme straight so that’s my fate
    My name is Run I’m number 1
    That’s how I rate
    He’s in the place with the bass and startin’grace
    His name is J he’s here to play and with this plate
    He’s off the wall on the ball his name is D
    Kind of tall get y’all he’s down with me

    >From the mountain valley to the deep blue sea
    The word is heard as told by D
    I’m not sayin’ I’m praying much to light
    Like a star shining bright in the darkest night
    If you are cold I bring you heat
    Like I brought the world my funky beat
    Mysterious is serious I ain’t no joke
    Fire from the desert hell and you can smell the smoke

    Kickin’ and dickin’ while you’re havin’ a ball
    My chicken finger lickin’ I’ll be vickin’ you off
    So do the bird have you heard they could give you a call

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