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    Saafir Rashinel текст песни


    For it’s Rashinel the antecdote to
    What’s wack
    Confirmed by my urban platoon
    Running past idle chatter
    Leaning towards a means green trend
    But I bend in the
    Opposite direction like an enormous
    Entity I’m incredible
    But granted you can still see me
    Victim of my own imagination
    Hobo Junction attach the name to
    Greatness I escalate the
    Fat while most are just weightless
    That eclipse the loss of
    Gravity coming from the inner starting
    At the bone cavity
    Disrupt ing bone marrow worse than
    The worst case of AIDS
    I’m enclosed by the underground so I
    Seek shade in caves
    Hard to surpass cement see we pave
    The way soft limericks
    Lure me to the streets of fury if a
    Nigga try to strike I’m like
    The devile always open for business to
    Bring hell on earth
    And knock everybody senseless

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