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    Lil' Wayne »

    Lil' Wayne Respect us текст песни

    Respect us

    [Lil' Wayne]
    What what what
    What what what
    What what what
    Listen, listen
    When.. I come through.. bustin’
    Everybody on.. tha block be.. run-nin’
    Weezy Wayne, Hot Boy, I.. be.. thug-gin’
    Got.. them.. things.. ten up, keep.. hustlin’
    Catch me at tha shop, I will.. be.. there
    And my prices stay low, I keep.. it.. there
    And if you want it raw, I got.. it.. right.. here
    And if you want war, I am.. your.. nigh-tmare
    This is all I know, it’s bang bang
    I hustle and slang slang
    My block.. I hang hang
    Who am I? Lil’ Wayne, man
    I represent CMB
    My cell is ten in heat
    I usually get in beef
    Was taught that it’s him or me
    I pop head-bustas quick
    I rock here for my brick
    I chop that, I’ma (?)
    My shop here (????)
    I always.. thug in black
    And always.. bustin’ gats
    Your girly’s.. fuckin’ back
    Now how you… lovin’ that

    [Chorus 2x, Juvenile]
    Hot Boy$, wardy.. respect.. us
    Represen-tin’ Cash Money.. Records
    It’s warfare, you betta.. vest.. up
    But if you ain’t scared, they blow.. your.. set.. up

    [Lil' Wayne]
    Listen, listen
    I give it to ‘em how they ask me
    Raw and nasty
    Tha AK, I pack it
    Believe I’m ’bout that action
    Slash a busta like a fraction
    I’m on that yolla
    Standin’ on tha corner with one sleeve over my shoulder
    Ride on your block, I see a dozen of weak jerks
    Now it’s time for your momma ta order a dozen of T-shirts
    For only half-a brick
    I’ll blast tha fifty
    And I ain’t gon’ stop shootin’ ’til I jam tha clip
    Yeah, I’m a small creeper, what
    But it’s about ta get ugly
    Ya’ll betta call people up
    I’m about ta start shovin’ my sawed-off between your guts
    Wayne ’bout ta (cugghh-gghh-gghh) ball people up
    Ya’ll betta duck

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