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    Rush Rivendell текст песни


    Sunlight dances through the leaves
    Soft winds stir the signing trees
    Lying in the warm grass
    Feel the sun upon your face
    Elfin songs and endless nights
    Sweet wine and soft relaxing lights
    Time will never touch you
    Here in this enchanted place

    You feel there’s something calling you
    You’re wanting to return
    To where the misty mountains rise and friendly fires burn
    A place you can escape the world
    Where the dark lord cannot go
    Peace of mind and sanctuary by loud water’s flow

    I’ve traveled now for many miles
    It feels so good to see the smiles of
    Friends who never left your mind
    When you were far away
    >From the golden light of coming dawn
    Till the twilight where the sun is gone
    We treasure ev’ry season
    And ev’ry passing day

    We feel the coming of a new day
    Darkness gives way to light a new way
    Stop here for a while until the world,
    The world calls you away
    Yet you know I’ve had the feeling
    Standing with my senses reeling
    This is the place to grow old till
    I reach my final day.

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