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    Sam Cooke »

    Sam Cooke Rome (wasn’t built in a day) текст песни

    Rome (wasn’t built in a day)


    Don’t, honey don’t go away, no no

    Don’t you hear, don’t you hear

    what I say? what I say

    Give me time, give me time

    I’m gonna make your love as strong as mine

    But I know Rome wasn’t built in a day

    Now you know that I love you, dear with all my heart

    I know that you didn’t love from the start

    That I’m planting a little seed in your heart, I know

    and it just needs time to grow, baby


    Listen to me, honey now

    How would Romeo feel if his Juliet

    Had turned down his advances and played hard-to-get

    He wouldn’t have let this bother him, I know

    Because where there’s life, there’s hope


    Don’t you hear me tellin’ you that Rome wasn’t built in a day

    Don’t you realize that Rome wasn’t built in a day

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