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    She gets everything she wants, but nothing that she needs
    No respect for what things cost, or who she wants to be
    Just neglect for what’s been lost, ’cause nothing is for free
    How can we let her get away with being this way
    We’ve been shattered by her can’t you see she has to pay

    In her shadow I reside
    I scream but no one’s listening
    Would anyone know if I died
    I’m sick of no one seeing I’m alive
    (In her shadow I decide I won’t stay longer
    In a place with silent hate inside the choice is violence towards her in disguise)

    She has everything I want, but nothing that I need
    Nothing earned like what I’ve got, gets anything she sees
    Lives the life that I cannot, ’cause nothing is for free
    How can we let her get away she has to pay

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