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    T.O.K. »

    T.O.K. She’s Hot текст песни

    She’s Hot

    Yauw….Yauw… T.O.K – 8x (2 sets)


    *She’s hot, she’s blazing everybody wants her name and

    I gotta get her home with me tonite

    She’s hot, she’s blazing everybody wants her name and

    I gotta get that girl in my life


    Pa pa pa pa pa pa, shes the toppa toppa

    See the gyal dem look good and look proper proper

    Me woulda giv ‘er every dime, every copper copper

    Just fi have her ass sit down pon mi lappa lappa

    She wanna call me stoppa stoppa

    creme de la creme cream of de croppa croppa

    Some say dem hot but she hotta hotta

    Make me st st st st stutter stutter

    REPEAT *


    Come on baby won’t you let me show my love for you

    With all my heart there’s nothing in the world I want to do

    When I saw you had to find the perfect words to say

    And I’ll to anything girl that you ask to come my way


    Kiss mi neck gyal and i suck on she ass

    I have fi get ya body baby gurl it is a must

    I have fi get ya body

    You coulda huff you coulda puff

    You coulda whine you coulda bluff

    You coulda fuss you coulda buss

    You want me goody, goody, goody, gody gyal trust

    Bring your body come before mi pants front bussa

    When time yuh pass yuh left me tempted to touch

    mi want fi rr- rr- rev it up like mi Lexus

    REPEAT *


    REPEAT * (2x)


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