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    Dashboard Confessional Shirts And Gloves текст песни

    Shirts And Gloves

    When I’m back from the road
    and you’re out on it
    & I’m tired of this distance
    & I believe it’s over-rated.
    And this phone tag game is endless
    the novelty is wearing
    I’m hoping time will pass
    without any assistance
    or convincing.

    Road rules apply
    there’s so much action,
    you’re getting busy.
    I’ll call your cellular phone
    to tell you TV night was
    lonely without you
    & so am I…
    so am I.

    It seems our day keeps falling on a leap year.

    So many high points on this last leg.
    I can’t wait to recount them
    it seems like nothing’s happened
    until I’ve shared them with you.
    The note that you had called
    says youre half a day away
    & you are heading home
    just in time for me to leave.

    Road rules apply
    there’s so much action
    I’m getting busy.
    So make sure that I’m up to date
    on TV night,
    I hate to miss out.

    I think I miss you most
    on Wednesdays
    & Saturdays.

    It seems our day keeps falling on a leap year.

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