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  • Dayglo Abortions »

    Dayglo Abortions Shit Happens текст песни

    Shit Happens

    When I was a little kiddy
    My mommy she would tell me
    Even the world’s best laid plans
    End up in the garbage can
    We got a saying around our house
    Your shit’s in a knot, your head should me in a noose
    High blood pressure and an early death
    Is all it’ll get you so you might as well accept that


    It happens, it happens
    Cuz shit will always happen

    She had a little party while her parents were away
    Guess she figured everything would be okay
    35 skinheads and a rugby team
    Drinking that liquor cabinet clean
    Best friend’s brother was a biker
    So you hired his gang for the bouncers
    Started wrecking your place so you called the cops
    The cops get in your face and destroy your house you see


    I’m not sick and I’ll always be like this
    There’s something to think about while I take a piss
    I whip out my dick and I point it at the hole
    I then relax and let the pressure flow
    An extra stream will start to squirt
    Right up in the air, and on my shirt
    But I won’t be mad, nor get uptight
    Cuz it happens like this every fuckin night


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