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    Lavigne Avril »

    Lavigne Avril Skater Boy текст песни

    Skater Boy

    He was a boy, she was a girl
    Can I make it anymore obvious?

    He was a punk,she did ballet
    What more can I say?

    He wanted her, she’d never tell
    Secretly she wanted him as well.

    But all of her friends stuck up there nose
    They had a problem with his baggy clothes.

    He was a skater boy, she said see ya later boy
    He wasn’t good enought for her
    She had a pritty face, but her head was up in space
    She needed to come back down to earth.

    Five years from now, she sits at home
    Feeding the baby
    She’s all alone

    She turns on tv
    Guess who she sees
    Skater boy rockin’ up MTV.

    She calles up her friends,they already know
    And they’ve all got tickets to see his show

    She tags along and stands in the crowd
    Looks up at the man that she turned down.

    He was a skater boy,she said see ya later boy
    He wasn’t good enought for her
    Now he’s a super star
    Slamin’ on his guitar
    Does your pritty face see what he’s worth?

    Sorry girl but you missed out
    Well tuff luck that boys mine now

    We are more than just good friends
    This is how the story ends

    Too bad that you couldn’t see
    See that man that boy could be

    There is more that meets the eye

    Форма обратной связи