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    Romeo »

    Romeo Slow It Down текст песни

    Slow It Down

    (feat. Jojo Dat Boi)

    [Intro: Romeo]

    Its another R.O.

    [Hook x2: Jojo]

    Play another slow jam

    This time make it sweet

    On a slow jam for my baby

    And for me

    [Verse: Romeo]

    Imma set the mood right yea you know I got it bad

    Turn out the lights turn on that Betty Pinagrass

    I’m kissing and touchin been missin ya lovin

    Im here to discover everything we been discussin

    You know I keep my ladies straight

    A bubble bath then I light up a candle and turn on sum Baby Face

    I wanna know like Joe how everything go

    I play that R. Kelly keep it on the down low

    Never mind all that talk you had wit your friends

    This isn’t the end of the world girl that boys the man

    Dont worry about a thing you know Im gon play it right

    We can take our time and listen to Brian McKnight

    I’ll smooth it out see no tellin whats next

    I got you twisted like you listenin to Keith Sweat

    And I see us walkin hand-in-hand

    Let me be your man and listen to slow jams

    [Hook x2: Jojo]

    [Verse: Romeo]

    I been chasing this paper you know I had that hardest day

    So I say lets get it one like Marvin Gay

    Aint no need to procrastinate for this satisfaction

    Cause you get it any time like Janet Jackson

    We gone be forever girl I give you what you dream

    Lets stay together and grind tell smilin

    I hear your in desperate need for what Im packin

    So I hope you breath again girl like Tony Praxton

    And you know the way Im feelin is plain to see

    Lets take a private plan listen to Tina Marie

    Steppin of the jet, be flyin coast to coast

    You can be my super star like Luther Van Trost

    Its some joy and pain we havin our days

    But I never let you down like Frankie Beverly and Mace

    And I see us walkin hand-in-hand

    Let me be your man and listen to slow jams

    [Hook x2: Jojo]

    [Verse: Jojo]

    See I was all alone I was feelin rather low I needed someone to

    Get my spare time so I called you on the phone

    To see if you were home but thats when you said

    You where on your way you were finin for me

    [Hook x2: Jojo]

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