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  • Romeo Must Die (Soundtrack) »

    Romeo Must Die (Soundtrack) Somebody Gonna Die Tonight текст песни

    Somebody Gonna Die Tonight

    (Performed by Dave Bing f/ Lil’ Mo)

    [Lil' Mo]
    Some gangsta shit, hit me
    Yeah yeah yeah
    Yeah yeah yeah (Murder Inc)
    Yeah yeah yeah (Blackground)
    Yeah yeah yeah (Dave Bing)

    1 — [Lil' Mo]
    Somebody gon’ ride tonight
    Somebody gon’ die tonight
    Somebody’s momma gon’ cry tonight

    Cuz it’s murda, murda
    Somebody gon’ bleed tonight
    My niggas gon’ eat tonight
    Somebody’s goin’ six feet tonight
    Cuz it’s murda, murda

    Ya better bring your vest, 16 when you fucking wit Bing
    You can try to be smooth in between, or you can scream
    Sound wack, the crowd won’t bounce to that
    And you’ll be fucking up the crew, changin’ the mood
    And that’s rude, and my thugs wanna eat ya food
    Drink ya milkshake, after that, shitfaced
    And let ya nniggas know you been a cornball from the get-go
    The day you blow Shaq, make all his free throws
    Let ‘em go, bring the fuck fast or slow
    Even put it in ya ass if you tell me so
    Toe to toe, you can lose your deal and your ho
    Now it’s hard to pay your car note and buy you some smoke
    And send ya man some commonsary, now he’s startin’ to worry
    Sayin’ «Stay away from Bing and 118
    They really put it down, really put niggas in the ground»
    And ya really lucky if ya only gotta be down

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