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  • Michael W Smith »

    Michael W Smith Someday (Set The Children Free) текст песни

    Someday (Set The Children Free)

    Music: Michael W. Smith
    Words:David Mullen and Michael W. Smith

    I know there’s a prayer flowing from
    The longing for the healing to come
    Someday no more dark, aching nights
    Someday I will open your eyes
    The light will come and I will set you free
    Sometimes there’s a joy in the pain
    Sometimes peace that can’t be explained
    Some find a longing there in their souls
    Someday I will make all things whole
    I promise to set the children free.

    Someday you’ll find your place in the sun
    Someday when all hearts beat as one
    You’ll sing with the heart of a child
    Someday when the river runs wild
    My Father comes to set His children free.

    Some say it’s a vision
    Some say it’s just a dream
    I say it’s a promise
    A covenant, a destiny
    I will come to set my children free.

    Someday what the young ones have dreamed
    Someday all you’ve hoped and believed
    Will be, you will all understand
    The longing placed inside every man
    Overcomes the world and sets the children free
    And I will come to set my children free.

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