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  • David Phelps »

    David Phelps Something’s Gotta Change текст песни

    Something’s Gotta Change

    I used to ride my bike down the street three miles
    And no one ever thought about it twice
    Cause everybody looked out for everybody else.
    I was never ever, ever by myself.
    Now it’s slippin’ away and
    I need You to save me right now, right now.


    Something’s gotta change.
    The beauty of the pain
    Is that we do not stay the same
    But we grow and we show
    We are stronger than before.
    When we reach for something more
    And in the face of hate
    Pour out love like rain.
    Something’s gotta change.

    I don’t wanna be just another put-on.
    Yeah, tell me where has my heart gone.
    I need to believe faith isn’t just a word
    That I stutter to the hurt inside
    I need to see it and be it
    The realness of Jesus right now, right now.


    It could be beautiful and brand new
    But only if it’s me hand in hand with You.


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