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    T.I. Stand Up текст песни

    Stand Up

    [Lil Jon]
    Check this out my nigga (what’s up) theirs a lot of niggas out here
    That got a lot of shit to motherfuckin say (yeah)
    But when a nigga bring it to them niggas (what’s up)
    They can’t stand up for what they motherfuckin said
    (Naw I aint say that, he said that) Stand Up
    If you got something to say my nigga, stand up for what you said..my nigga
    Tell them niggas bring it to the square nigga

    Stand up..If you don’t like what I’m saying then buck
    Swang when you see me, we can throw them hands sucker
    Stand up..If you aint notice nigga, I don’t give a fuck
    If I said it, then I meant it, and what fuck nigga
    Stand up..You don’t wanna see the triggerman man buss
    Hit you and your man’s up, make it hard for a nigga to..stand up
    Tell your crew they don’t want it with us dudes
    And if the motherfucka do, bust a motherfuckin move..stand up

    You got a alligator mouth and a hummingbird ass
    Your mouth writin’ checks that ya ass can’t cash
    One forty-five and I’m outta ya weight class
    Wanna survive..better scramble like eggs and break fast
    Cause I know how to handle ya fake ass
    I’m ride on ya, and hide ya in yesterday’s trash
    Pull up in the chevy spraying rounds through the glass
    See you laying face down in the grass and I laugh
    Ha…that’s the end of the soga
    The end of my problems, nigga mash the impala
    Go lay up with a model and watch the news tomorrow
    And that’s the end, checkmate, game over, I’ll holla
    Now I’m telling ya potna, you don’t know whatcha doing
    Don’t recognize the trouble ya getting into, and ya ruined
    Dig this man..I spent my childhod in a wild hood
    And all that gangsta shit ya talking, yeah it sound good
    But make it understood, you gonna have to show me
    I’m a OG, you wanna overthrow me


    [Trick Daddy]
    Dearly beloved, we gathered here today to marry this young nigga
    In his own special thug way
    Do you promise to love and respect, all of the real niggas
    And when the problem come, learn to deal with’em
    Do you swear to turn the chopper on any motherfucker in ya path
    Or any bitch, that’s tryin to stop ya
    And do you promise to keep’em handy, and don’t hand’em
    To nobody, nobody except family and keep’em cocked and loaded
    And don’t expose’em to nobody unless somebody want’em in his body
    To love and cherish’em from his trigger to his barrel
    From the bottom of ya heart, to death do you fuckin part
    Do you understand to live the life by him, is to sell ya soul
    And Lord knows you gonna die by him
    I know you heard gun stories about John Wayne and Billy the Kid
    Sheed…all them motherfuckers dead
    And did you know that every other bitch from the wild wild west
    End up dying from hollow points to they fuckin chest
    Cause they ain’t never seen or cocked beamed a milli fourteen
    Or tommy gun, with a hundred round fucking gun


    [Lil Wayne]
    Sheed..I’m talking about riding out tonight
    Only way I die first, gotta kill me in this verse
    Weezy F, middle finger to life
    So nothing seem critical, in the hood I’m typical
    Yeah I’m feeling good and spiritual
    Healing hoods with shit up outta my kitchen
    I’m pitching it, it’s really good
    Smoking, drinking I’m like a fish and I’ll probably
    Shit on ya bitch, probably piss on her lips
    And she’ll probably give you a kiss, nasty
    Holly grove classic, parley with a nigga, prolly rob the same bastard
    Ask him, we don’t give a fuck about a casket
    Nigga this the murder cappy, niggas just murder happy
    Twelve years old, I jumped off the pot
    I started selling rocks, right after I got shot
    I had to hold my weight down
    Pussy nigga stand up or lay down


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