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    Lavigne Avril Stayin’ Strong Lyrics текст песни

    Stayin’ Strong Lyrics

    Dont worry boy I’m doing fine at least right now

    Why won’t you tell me why you always got to play hard-to-get

    You’ve always been the kinda boy I never liked

    Until one day I looked into your eyes,

    And saw the boy,I never loved until this day,

    You tell me,


    And I need you and you told me that

    Some things won’t last forever,

    But we both know we need each,

    So boy,I’m staying strong,

    Now…you can tell me that thing that,

    You said we weren’t that ready for,

    Come on,girl,were only in the fifth grade,

    Just tell me please,just this time,

    Cuz we’re both staying strong

    You keep a secret from me something only boys should know,

    If you really loved me,you could tell me anything

    So I still love you,if you’re wondering,

    Cuz that wouldn’t be me,to say something like that,

    Cuz thats not me,

    Look boy,I’m staying strong,

    So whats all of your worry about?

    You’re just too scared for me,

    There’s nothing…..about me..to get upset about,

    Its so not you,so get out

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