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  • Rodney Crowell »

    Rodney Crowell Still Learning How To Fly текст песни

    Still Learning How To Fly

    The hour is early

    The whole world is quiet

    A beautiful morning’s about to ignite

    I’m ready for danger

    I’m ready for fire

    I’m ready for something to lift me up higher

    Life’s been good, I guess

    My ragged old heart’s been blessed

    With so much more than meets the eye

    I’ve got a past I won’t soon forget

    You ain’t seen nothing yet

    I’m still learning how to fly

    It’s the dreams that die hard

    With old habits to break

    You can’t let down your guard

    When there’s so much at stake

    I’m halfway to heaven, halfway to hell

    But I might roll a seven

    You never can tell

    Life’s been good it’s true

    When I’m feeling just like new

    The same old rules need not apply

    I’ve got a past full of sticks and stones

    And a good feeling in my bones

    I’m still learning how to fly

    I wanna go faster

    I don’t wanna slow down

    I don’t wanna get off of this merrygoround

    I wanna be reckless

    I wanna be vain

    I wanna make love like a runaway train

    Life’s been good I said

    I’m 10,000 miles ahead

    The day I rest is the day I die

    I’ve got a past like a broken wing

    But you ain’t seen anything

    I’m still learning how to fly

    I’m still learning how to fly

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