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    Romanovsky And Phillips »

    Romanovsky And Phillips Straightening up The House текст песни

    Straightening up The House

    (Sometimes getting the house ready for Mom & Dad’s visit requires
    More than a dust rag and some Pledge…)

    Today I took the nudes down off the wall
    Ten minutes after I received her telephone call
    She’ll be here Friday morning so there’s not much time to clean
    Better hide the Advocate and Mandate magazine
    We’ll redecorate the guest room so it looks like it’s been used
    Separate our wardrobes or she’ll really be confused
    Then get ready for a lonely week of sleeping on the couch
    We’re straightening up the house

    Tomorrow I will put away your gay pride shirts
    And our Halloween assortment of jewelry, pumps and skirts
    Then pack up all the books by Quentin Crisp and Rita Mae
    And the «His & His» towels that you bought me yesterday
    And you’d better hide the albums by that lesbian group
    She has no ear for music, but she has been known to snoop
    And remember not to kiss me, just forget that you’re my spouse
    Straightening up the house

    The snapshots of the two of us in Spain will have to go
    Don’t tell me this is totally insane, because I know
    And I cannot wear the wristwatch with our names engraved in gold
    The one that says «I love you, John, with all my heart and soul»

    This is our first Christmas here in our new home
    In a hostile world, it’s our only safety zone
    I never should have promised I’d continue with this lie
    But Dad was so certain if she found out she would die
    But if it’s killing anyone I think it’s killing me
    ‘Cause it tears me up inside to hide my true identity
    And asking you to help me makes me feel like such a louse

    I’m thirty-two years old, why am I acting like a mouse?
    I’m a man and he’s my lover
    If she freaks out she’ll recover
    C’mon and help me to just CLEAN the house!

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