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    Rpwl Sugar For The Ape текст песни

    Sugar For The Ape

    You don’t answer when I’m calling you
    Doesn’t seem there is anything I can do
    We should be happy after all we’ve been through
    What d’ya mean I’m not into your life
    ‘Cause I’m always coming home late at night
    I don’t think you know what you mean

    Ooh Baby it’s a good day to run away, far away
    Ooh Baby it’s a good day to run away

    The life I’m living is not much of what you know
    The place I am is not the place for you to go
    You know I didn’t mean to hurt you so much!

    What do you think of how it used to be?
    Was it love that you wanted to see?
    I think the best thing is you better get away now.

    Send me an angel
    That sings a song that makes me smile again
    Send me an angel

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