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    Sabelle »

    Sabelle Sugarless текст песни


    I know what I said

    I know how I used to be and

    I know I was hungry then

    But that was just the kid in me

    I had all the flavors

    That one girl could need

    But they started canceling each other out

    Just my greed

    (Now I’m) sugarless

    Don’t wanna be

    I crave the taste

    I need the sweet

    I’m sugarless

    Don’t have to be

    ‘Cause I’m gonna find

    Someone who’s gonna

    Fill me deep

    I’m learning a lesson

    That it’s never too late

    To slow down

    Take a look around

    And appreciate the taste

    Much more satisfying

    Much more gratifying

    No more joyriding

    I’m trying I’m trying I’m trying

    repeat chorus

    What has happened to the touch

    Guess I’m finally growing up

    Nothing’s instant in this place

    But the smile stays on my face

    by: Sabelle, Manuel Seal, Jr., Greg Charley

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