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    Talib Kweli »

    Talib Kweli Talk To You(Lil Darlin) текст песни

    Talk To You(Lil Darlin)

    (Talib Kweli And Bilal)
    Let Me Holla At You For A Minute (TK)
    Yah, Can I Talk To You (TK)
    Can I Talk To You (B)Yah, Can I Talk To You (TK)
    Can I Talk To You (B)
    Can I Talk To You (B)Yah, Can I Talk To You (TK)
    Can I Talk To You (B)Can I Talk To You (B)Yah, Can I Talk To You (TK)
    Can I Talk To You (B)
    Can I Talk To You (B)Yah, Can I Talk To You (TK)
    Can I Talk To You (B)

    Yah, You(TK)

    (Talib Kweli)
    I Want You Cause you Make My Heart Skip The Beat That It Drum To
    I Want To Be The One You Run To When The Pain Confront You
    You’re Everything
    Sometimes I get Nervous When I’m In Front You
    You Can Hear It In My Voice When I Ask You If You’re Comfortable
    Look How Love Do
    I Practice The Art Of War For You Like Sunzoo
    Come Through And Arouse You Every Mornin’ Like The Sun Do
    If You Black Out And Collapse, I Want To Help You To Come To
    Notice I Haven’t Yet Got Into What I Want From You?
    I Want You To Come To When I Come Through
    And Make You Shine Like The Sun Do
    I Want You To Be The Valley For My River To Run Though
    You’re Everything
    Say You’re So Through Your Lips To My Heart
    Sweet Music’ll Start I Want You To Be The Muse For My Art
    People Try To Rip Us Apart We Gotta Work To Stay Together
    Go Through The Seasons Of Love But Never Change With The Weather
    This Is My Wishlist, What I Want, Not What I Need
    There’s A Difference
    These Days Im Learnin Words Got Powers So I’ma Be Specific.

    Can I
    Have A Talk With You
    Can I
    Make A Dream Come True
    Can I
    Be In Love With You
    Cause I Would If I Could

    Yeeaaah Sunflower(TK)
    You Must Live In That Infinite Black That Exists When I Close My Eyes(TK)
    I See When I Fall Asleep, I See When I Dream (TK)
    Say, Lil Darlin (B)
    Set Ya Soul On Fire(B)
    Lil Darlin(B)
    I Wanna Talk To You(TK)
    Be Your One Desire(B)
    Little Daaaarlin(B)
    Can I Talk To You?(B)
    Little Darlin’(B)
    Talk To You(TK)
    You Aint Gotta Beleive What I Show You(TK)
    Little Darlin(B)
    Can I Talk To You?(TK)

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